Artcoustic Gallery

DFF120-43 5.1 system - screen up

3 x DFF120-43s are used for the left, centre and right channels - using designs from the Sim Canetty-Clarke collection. Rear channels are taken care of with the Diablo Monitors and Diablo Targets in ceiling. The subwoofers are DFFS120-43 positioned on the front wall next to the LCRs to complete a striking wall. This system leaves the room clean and elegant when not in use. This design is often used for living rooms, games rooms or anywhere where a permanent installation would prove undesirable. The screen disappears into the ceiling when not in use, dropping down to deliver a genuine cinematic experience when required. Performance of systems using this design can be every bit as good as a dedicated Spitfire cinema, but has the advantage of respecting the aesthetics of the space when not is use.